Live in a house

that saves for you

Are you in search of modern and cheap technology to build your house?

Living in an energy-saving house is:

  • 70% lower monthly maintenance costs
  • 70% lower energy costs
  • 10 times less heating bills
  • Opportunity for cheaper credit and better repayment terms
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by about 3 tons per year
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Floor houses


Housing estates


Buildings on water


Houses constructed within 24h


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The house with Styrofoam™ is:

Lower electricity bills

Heating bills are regular and one of the biggest burdens on the household budget. Building a house using Styrofoam™ technology allows you to reduce the demand for heat by up to 50% compared to traditional construction – it reduces bills by several thousand. Build your dream house with us and never worry about high bills again.

Short time to build your house

Build your dream house even within 2 months! The supporting structure is made up of cement combined with one of the most durable materials, which is fibreglass, and thermal insulation of walls is provided by foamed polystyrene. The low specific weight of the material makes it easier to transport, unload and combine individual elements into a building structure.

High quality materials

The materials and technology used by us are distinguished by high resistance to mechanical loads, low water absorption, versatility, resistance to fungi and mould, frost resistance and fire resistance. These are the most modern solutions that will significantly reduce heating bills. Additionally, the use of panels with glass fibre will allow both in passive single-storey houses and in higher buildings to achieve assumptions of full energy efficiency.

Low construction and maintenance costs

The actual operating costs of a house built using Styrofoam™ technology represent only 30% of the costs corresponding to houses built in a traditional way. Our products combine low construction costs with negligible maintenance costs compared to buildings constructed using traditional construction techniques. In addition, we have managed to include all this in an attractive and modern form of a building.



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All you need to know about passive houses

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