Why Styrofoam?

Energy-saving passive houses

Passive houses are those whose external energy demand is minimal. Projects of this type proposed by StyroFoam, based on the best and most durable construction and thermal insulation materials, allow for real savings on heating.

Owners of passive houses really care about ecology. Energy efficiency is not only about finances, but also about the environment. A passive house hardly contributes to the production of harmful carbon dioxide. Residents of such a building reduce their CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by up to 3 tons a year! In addition, the building materials used, such as the XPS extruded polystyrene used for insulation, are mostly produced without the use of agents toxic to humans and nature.

Actual return on investment

Cheap passive houses allow real and quantifiable savings. In combination with a photovoltaic installation or a home treatment plant a passive house can become almost self-sufficient!

When implementing a passive house design with StyroFoam you can expect:

– Reduction of maintenance costs by up to 70% (compared to traditional construction);

– Reduction of energy bills up to 70% (compared to traditional construction);

– Reduction of heating bills by up to 90%.

Passive houses are also an opportunity for people who have problems with obtaining a mortgage in general or on good terms. A low price per square meter compared to traditional housing or a flat reduces the cost of a mortgage and increases its availability.

Why passive houses from StyroFoam?

Passive houses from StyroFoam are distinguished on the Polish market by the quality of performance. This is possible by using the most modern and refined technology in every detail. Together with the extensive experience that StyroFoam contractors have, it allows to achieve:

– Low construction costs;

– Very low operating costs;

– Fast lead time – even up to 2-3 months;

– Best thermal insulation properties;

– Appropriate structural strength, regardless of soil type;

– Reduction of CO2 emissions to atmosphere;

– Large variety of building types: from private houses to commercial buildings or halls;

– Adjusting the technological possibilities to the expected design of the building – both inside and outside.

Additionally, the StyroFoam offer allows for the realization of unique and energy-efficient buildings on water. It is worth to learn more about passive houses and ask for details in your location, using the tab. Contact.